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Invisible scars

The starting point originates in the need to materialize the emotions invisible to the collective gaze, from the experience of abuse or mistreatment, as they want to call it, gender psychological. In essence, it is based on an inner search of all these experiences that many or almost all women have had and that cannot be accounted for with an explicit physical effect or a number of deaths in the diary.

It is a project that is beginning to take shape towards the end of 2018, and will begin to be carried out from 2019. Here you will find a representation of some of the pieces that make it up. It is a project that continues in creation and process.

Wanting to go out

Process of gestation of all the psychological violence suffered for years. And silenced. It is difficult to break the structural silence.

Aillades contra la violència?


In this fact, we cannot share, and this is how structural gender violence is reproduced. From generation to generation. 

Through all the feminist waves, these acts of violence have been shared among women.

The proposal is to make the invisible visible, from individual discomfort to collective visibility. Like the feminist premise of the 1970s, "the private is political."

Serie 1 Paint: 10 sensations that make you small

They try to capture the loneliness generated by gender-based psychological violence in your environment at a time when you do not dare to externalize what is happening.

Series 2  Invisible scars

Following in the footsteps of the project ...

One of the creative goals of the proposal is to visualize the emotions that
they generate psychological pain: humiliation, insecurity, emptiness, among many others
unwanted sensations. Emotions that until recently have not been managed, because it has not
interested or agreed, for many reasons. In this sense emotional education has been
almost absent or manipulated by a patriarchal society.

These pieces were awarded in a competition against gender violence on November 25, 2020

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