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Pictorial Poetics


    The chosen human organs that make up the symbolism of the project have already been taught. But in this last point, it will be explained concretely, the last concepts both generic and concrete of each organ. From the heart, lungs, brain and eye. All with common points, but with different qualities.

"But the intellect of the artist must not only be clear, but must also be free, and his spirit must be free from chains, instead of restrained by the mechanical servitude of such rules." . (Zuccari cit: Barash, 2010, TAT: 244)

    Therefore, symbolism is the set of chains marked by the project itself, which opens the door to its experimentation with the essential forms, in order to find a more or less synthetic way of expressing emotions and feelings, of feeling. full or feeling alone. And so let the technique flow in the water, like a continuous stream when running each piece. Even if they are preceded by sketches, and everything is to some extent controlled, or predisposed.

    An organ that beats hard, that feels the comings and goings of loving, of being loved, of feeling fears, anxieties, stress ... Thousands of emotions and feelings rooted in a movement in the chest. A sensitive quality that from the real details of the organ of the heart, inspires the sinuous lines, the movement of a fictitious beat that moves through the spots and the transparencies. What surrounds the golden bread, which attributes the light part, the spirituality that represents a symbolization of the essential at the height of the navigation within the work.
    Also the rational part that manifests itself in all the other organs embodied in the drawing, recreating the concrete forms of what reminds my person of the essence of that organ or that other.
Why these organs and not others? Well, the answer is very simple. It is based on the personal journey from which emotions are felt. A journey that begins without realizing it by sight, where beauty is continually filtering relentlessly. Then comes that beauty that makes your heart beat, dedicating and beginning to feel beyond an emotion. Then the anguish of feeling love, of feeling loved, or of emptiness at not finding the consolation of the beautiful that you cannot achieve is transmitted to the breath, that is, it passes through the lungs. In the end, the meaning of the brain symbol emerges as rational, as thought.

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