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Micro-macro cosmos

    The project is based on the realization of images based on a partly random provocation, the final result of which are fine delicate watercolor stains. This feature is the first thing the observer can see, but it goes further.
    As for the game with the technical quality of the watercolor, as its transparencies, the fine lines due to the accumulation of pigment on the edges, are adequately linked with the human part that has been used repeatedly in the project Un buit, un hole, a broken heart: the eye. The technical qualities help to support the ideas of human fragility, the transparencies as a symbol of the parts that each individual hints at from the bottom of his person, giving play to these lights and shadows as a metaphor for dark, hidden and mysterious thoughts. , and what is shown. Thus creating a path to the viewer's gaze, which is to enter the eyeballs in constant "movement", which lead you to the inner light or soul, symbolized by the golden bread.

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